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Shortlisted for the Mslexia Novel Contest 2021

Nine Lives 5.jpg

Beneath the garden to the big house on the Rue Beauregard lie the decaying remains of many hundreds of tiny unwanted babies. When Antoine makes this grisly discovery and confronts his his wife Catherine, she decides he must die. But Antoine is a hard man to kill and besides, he loves Catherine with all his heart. Can he live with the horror and win her love before she succeeds in murdering him?

The Nine Lives of Antoine Montvoisin

Tik Tok Review

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18th Century Covent Garden prostitute Kitty Ives must solve a murder or risk being sent to the gallows.

Will she live or die?

Read to find out

Books by Angela Elliott

Nine Lives 5.jpg
THE FINISH new cover 28032018.jpg

Angela Elliott

Author - Scriptwriter

Repped by Julian Friedmann at Blake Friedmann

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