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Angela Elliott’s CV is crammed full of all kinds of jobs: from graphic artist to semiconductor engineer, from counsellor for crime victims to clinical hypnotherapist, from the world of finance to that of medical construction. One thing has remained constant: she has always been a writer.


Angela was born in Derby, but grew up in Reading and Stratford on Avon. She studied Fine Art at university and worked as a graphic artist on journals and magazines. Following redundancy, she retrained as a process engineer in the semiconductor industry. On meeting actor, Stewart Bevan, doors opened on the world of TV and film.


She won a BBC radio contest, wrote on environmental issues for the BBC World Service, and worked on TV documentaries. She wrote with Stanley Kubrick's assistant, former fashion photographer and Producer Norrie Maclaren, and with Director Lewis Gilbert's son, John Gilbert. Together with the Hollywood Producer, Bernie Williams, and Maritime Historian, Stephen Walters (who had been the Historical Consultant to David Lean), Angela scripted the sequel to Bernie William's film Bounty.


Additionally, Angela worked with Victim Support, supporting gun crime, domestic violence, and rape and sexual assault victims, and those bereaved by murder.


Repped by Julian Friedmann at Blake Friedmann

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